Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cultural Integrity - Ramble

After twenty years, I have returned back to OSU. My hopes are to allow time striking out on new ideas. Seeking a simple, not complex, way of life. I have tried escaping culture’s grips, eliminating and all of culture’s expectations. A quest of a social non-participating ideology. I don't participate in culture's rhetorical expectation and regulation. I watch, with popcorn in hand, observing as the film roll manifests cultural amusement at 24 fps. Drama and tragedy are at work.

The culture, in regards to its description, is described through its habits. The habits are limited to the edges of its stage or cultural boundary. Each stage is an element of a cultural set, and the cultural set of stages are within a wooden framed sandbox. The sandbox’s borders are regulated, and regulation offers each stage its prompts, and inspires the entities within the sandbox to put-on their performances -- describing their culture. Regulation grants each stage with the prompts and toys for them to select. By granting this selection narrows cultural integrity. Culture can be arisen from within a prison, but cultural integrity will be misplaced. Cultural integrity can only exist when human dominance and regulation isn’t introduced. It is when the sway of air, rivers, and vitality do regulate that Cultural integrity exist. Cultural integrity is misplaced when I empower myself over another or when I form a culture to regulate over another.

Simply put, cultural integrity would be a good idea. It would eliminate all dominance and spur a shift toward culture based off a personal awareness. Allows the land base to be the stage and offers culture it pure existence. Pure existence by offering the prompts and toys, which each culture must notice and know of its existence. Shelters will be made of sod, wood, rocks, leaves, underground, above-ground, etc. Regulation wouldn’t exist enforcing every house must contain a garbage disposal or if children are present, then every house must have running water (not walking water). Dogs may be off leash. Cars may or may not be existent. It will be the decision of the single entity and their interaction with the culture. A culture is a tolerable awareness played out by all its entities through their interactions.
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