Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Avery Park Corvallis, Oregon -- Corvallis Environmental Center

Avery Park Community Gardens - Corvallis Environmental Center, Corvallis, Oregon
I have gardened at Avery Park Community Gardens many years. Only for the last two years 2013-2015, I had lived in Portland, Oregon. Now returning to Corvallis I had the excited expectation in making my hands mix with the soil.

I hate to be the reaper of bad changes. Talked with the Corvallis Environmental Center, which manages Avery Community Gardens.

Had a brutal discussion with the director, as she tried to be convincing why they are moving the Community Garden location. The Community Gardens will be located in Avery Park, but will be moved up along the roadway next to the recycle area and next to a covered cooking area, where, at times, I have noticed thousands (exaggerated) of picnickers come and celebrate.

No more peace and quite. Their reason is because the current garden location is located in a Riparian zone. Ah, how can someone argue. Argue against caring for indigenous precious plants and animals. Argue against planting Organic beets will be invasive interrupting the precious ecosystem. Ok, I got it -- I'm beginning to cry.

The gardens will be moved to a more controlled area, where space will be limited, enforcing tight regulation, and probably be in raised beds. I will leave it up to them.
Maybe, because the sweatshirts are printed with recycled ink and stitched with recycled bottles, we will get an Environmental Center "Getting My Hands Dirty" sweatshirts.

If you think I'm unsympathetic, then you don't understanding what I wrote. Humans and its environment can coexist naturally, and it isn't by removing it. It is by understanding what it is that isn't coexisting, and, I think, sweatshirts do not coexist with the message...