Saturday, May 07, 2011


Looking at the clock, I have an appointment. I can finish this, a few more lines, a few more minutes, a few minutes, and more minutes. Fingers clicking on the keyboard, displaying new lines – coded lines. Testing and retesting these fresh new lines. I must go, but why am I receiving this error. I must go to my appointment. Wait! No! It didn’t work.

Finally at my appointment, a romantic date, is with a woman whom I had much love for. An evening in a very elegant restaurant, with linens as white as snow and wine sparkling under watching stars.

I softly embraced her hand, and saw lines-of-code in her eyes. Precious black characters lined-up tightly. They give way to spaces whenever valid statements or variable names reflected outward.

Wait, penetrating deeper into her eyes, thinking that’s it! I found a solution! She spotted my breaking intense smile. She smiles, matching mine. Soon afterward my enthusiasm dissipated into thinking: “NO! That doesn’t work! Why didn’t that work? It seems basic, damn it.”

Finishing dinner, enjoying desert, we strolled out under street lights and running cars. A few blocks down from the restaurant, we meandered along a calm, spacious river. I hugged her so gently.

Hold-on! thinking, If really that line of code iterated that many times, counting to ten, so why is it eleven? Yes sir, In my excitement pulling her tighter, I kissed her soft tender neck. Yes sir alright, thinking that is the solution. It is the answer that I had silently contemplated all night. Tightly fisted,  looking up at the overhanging stars, yes sir!

Swiftly, I guided her smoothly back toward the car, the night is late, and I have an appointment. Lips pressing tightly, my eyes roll up, star bound. I know it is the answer. Good night my love, I had a wonderful evening.

Now it is early morning the keyboard keys rapidly clicking, sleeping not a wink, absorbed, I felt completely happy. Oh yes, that was the answer.