Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A woman carrying flowers wrapped in plastic wrap. Smiling, she proudly places the flowers in a vase, and sets the vase where everyone who visits her home can see them. The flower’s petals emanate a rainbow of color, so vibrant that her visiting friends pause with admiration. The woman’s ritual of buying, displaying, and discarding the flowers continued throughout the summer months, until one visiting guest paused to admire the freshly displayed flowers. The gentleman heard moans and groans of pain emanating from around the flowers. Trying to figure out where the noise is coming from, the gentleman asked the woman if she is hearing painful cries. As they both stood quietly, the woman intently listens. After a minute, silence is broken as the woman responded with a NO? The gentleman insists that something is in great pain and is in need of help, which then he suggests that the police should be called to investigate. The police are called.

The police separated both the woman and the gentleman questioning what actually either of them hears. The woman tells the police she hears nothing, while the gentleman tells of the painful moans and muffled crying. A search is conducted -- nothing is heard nor found. The gentleman disturbed by the weeps of pain could not stay and visit with the woman, so he said his goodbyes to the baffled woman and left with the police. As he left, he was still explaining the sound to the police.

The gentlemen disturbed by the cries decided to liven up his day on his way home. He purchased a nice bunch of selected flowers from the local store. The gentleman proudly placed the flowers in a vase, and set the vase where everyone who visited his home could see them.

A week later he was admitted into the Psychiatric Ward for evaluation where his room was decorated with fresh cut flowers.

The gentleman remains as they have concluded he is crazy.

Living flowers -- make individuals happy, but cut flowers can make you crazy. The woman cannot hear cries from the cut flowers, where the guest was conscious of the moans yet unaware as to where the cries came from. Only when an individual tunes into specie’s pain can vibrational whimpers be instinctively sensed or experienced. Neither of the characters were attuned to the species cut at the throat.