Monday, February 20, 2006


While eating midmorning lunch, I observed a blazing event.

Watching a small shrub's movement by singing and dancing sparrows, I was captivated by the sparrow’s joyful social gathering, yet I was unaware that a sparrow hawk was also intently watching too.

Soon I drifted inward, slowly sinking deeper in unexpected thought which the whole chirping commotion had come to be a blur. While I calmly examined their play, their high spirits bent a lofty scrutiny. All was disrupted by a feathered flash, an eye opening interruption that quickly shifted my examination away from my blissful haze.

Wow, diving claw first, the hawk’s wings spread the width of the bush. Sparrows were noticeably diving from the bush, flying away, hovering only a few inches from the ground.

Remarking only at its beautiful tan, white and brown markings, as the hawk, as fast it had come, had swiftly twisted through the tightly woven branches and flown away out of sight.

My only verbalized words were WHAT! I guess because the whole event was an obscure answer to the many questions that I was vaguely studying.

Later, after many minutes, I wondered if the hawk was successful in doing what it had flown in for. I had not notice any capturing; cause of the hawk’s wings obscured any noticeable taking.

Thank you